ctruong.pngCaroline is an artist who paints her days away in the culturally thriving city of Houston. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Education from the University of Houston and is currently completing her graduate studies. She spent three years as an art instructor in public schools, on a mission to develop and nurture the artistic potential in today's youth. Now, she has chosen to focus on her own abilities as a freelance artist. She has discovered art to be her most natural form of expression and a passion that completes her sanity. Her work plays between two different themes – nature and the quirks of life. The physical flow of lines, organic shapes, and breathtaking colors found in the environment are simplified in translation from brush to canvas. Underlying perceptions on everyday life are revealed in her contemporary illustrations.

Caroline’s artwork will continually evolve with as she absorbs her surroundings and articulates her observations. Here is her portfolio!