Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) Externship Information

Au.D. Externship

The audiology department at The Center for Hearing and Speech (CHS) is seeking a Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) student to complete a challenging and exciting 48 week (11 month) pediatric externship. The ideal candidate will be highly motivated, a strong team player and have a strong desire for a career as a pediatric audiologist.   Applicants will have completed their university coursework related to pediatrics, be competent in performing diagnostic audiologic procedures on adults, and have completed clinical placements that offered experience with pediatric testing and habilitation.

Clinical Experience


At CHS, we specialize in identifying and treating children with hearing loss.  As a Doctor of Audiology extern, you can expect to apply your previous pediatric clinic experiences and classroom knowledge to assess a diverse pediatric population, including children with multiple disabilities.  You will perfect your skills identifying difficult to test children with hearing loss using Behavioral Observation Audiometry, Visual Reinforcement Audiometry, Conditioned Play Audiometry, as well as electrophysiologic measures.


At CHS, you will have the opportunity to follow children from birth to eighteen years of age through the evaluation process to the treatment process, and beyond.  Patients at CHS are fit with traditional hearing aids, bone conduction hearing aids, osseointegrated devices, and cochlear implants.  You will have the opportunity to fit, troubleshoot, and adjust these devices to help ensure your patients are hearing        adequately.  You will also have the opportunity to work closely with families as they adjust to a diagnosis of hearing loss and face the day to day challenges of consistent hearing aid use.


During your time at CHS, you will also work closely with the Melinda Webb School, the auditory-oral approach school housed within CHS.   You will program, verify, and troubleshoot FM systems and ensure that children in the Melinda Webb School are hearing appropriately. 


The CHS audiology department works closely with our teachers of the deaf and speech pathologists who work only with children with hearing loss.   You will have opportunities to participate in multi-discipline meetings where we work together to ensure our patients achieve their listening and speaking goals.

Our Goal

The goal of this educational externship is to provide a variety of clinical experiences to develop the skills necessary for a career as a pediatric audiologist.  As an extern, you can expect to receive intensive training and mentoring from an experienced staff of clinical audiologists. During the placement the extern will have the opportunity to apply academic principles within a clinical practice and learn to work as part of a multidisciplinary team.


A stipend may be available for the 2019-2020 externship year.  The Center for Hearing and Speech will also cover the cost of your Texas audiology intern license.


  1. Complete The Center for Hearing and Speech Au.D. externship application HERE and submit no later than September 28, 2018.
  2. Extern must have passed the national Praxis exam.
  3. Obtain a provisionary Texas state intern license.
    1. All paperwork must be completed through the State of Texas prior to beginning your externship.  The responsibility of obtaining an externship license will be that of the extern.
  4. Prior to the June 3, 2019 start date, an affiliation agreement between The Center for Hearing and Speech and the university must be signed.
  5. Extern must have liability insurance through their university.

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