Professionals at CHS are committed to helping children with hearing loss reach their full potential by teaching them to listen, speak and read without the use of sign language. In today's Staff Spotlight, we're hearing from one of the members of our speech team, Peyton Stephens!

What is your official job title?

Certified Auditory Verbal Therapist and Coordinator of University Education


Describe your role at CHS.

I get to teach kids to listen and speak! But really, by that I mean I get to help parents and caregivers become facilitators of listening and spoken language in their homes. Because I only see my clients an hour or so each week, my primary role is to teach parents and caregivers what to do the other hours when they aren’t with me. I also coordinate all of the speech pathology students that are placed for externship or observations at CHS.  I strongly believe that we have to train the next generation of professionals about listening and spoken language early in their careers so they can make an even bigger impact once they are working independently. It’s pretty much the best job ever!  


How long have you worked at CHS?

This December will mark my 5th year as an employee at CHS. But, I actually got my start at CHS in undergrad as a volunteer. I volunteered at the very FIRST Project TALK and changed my entire career path based on my experience there. Working at CHS was a dream of mine since my sophomore year of college and I’m honored to have it come to fruition. Not many people get to say they got their dream job early in their careers… I know I’m lucky.  


Where are you from?

I’m a 3rd generation native Houstonian. I know – a rare breed!


What is your favorite thing to do in Houston?

This is hard for me to answer. I’ve lived here my whole life (except my college years) and there are so may awesome things to do here. I think my MOST favorite is RODEO Houston. There is really nothing like it. In my whole life I’ve only missed one year of RODEO Houston (the year my first child was born the weekend of RODEO cookoff).


What is your favorite restaurant in Houston?

Again – hard question. There are so many amazing places to eat here. But if I have friends visiting we always go to Escalante’s Mexican Grille. I’m partial to the Town and Country location since that very spot (although then it was Guadalajara – same family) is the first place I ever went other than my house when I was born. True story. I also had my rehearsal dinner there and just about every other major milestone in my life was celebrated there.


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

I can only pick one place?! Hmm… I think Australia.


If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would be the first thing you would buy?

Hmm… I’m more of a put it in the bank type of person.


What three words describe you?

I would say determined, passionate and sarcastic.


What job would you want to have if you weren’t doing this?

I’d be a stay at home mom to my two boys!


What is the best book you have ever read?

Jane Eyre was my absolute favorite.


I’m happiest when... 

My kids are laughing. 


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