Project T.A.L.K. is a summer camp for children ages 4-10 with hearing loss. The Center for Hearing and Speech created Project T.A.L.K. to enable children with hearing loss to build friendships, leadership and teamwork skills and to enhance their listening skills in a relaxed environment.

This summer, Project T.A.L.K was held from July 18-22. Our campers were able to enjoy the activites to go along with this year's theme, STEAM. Steam stands for Science, technology, engineering, art and math! Activities ranged from making cool art projects to doing awesome science experiments, and even swimming and having a fun talent show!

Project T.A.L.K was a BLAST and we hope all kiddos enjoyed it as much as we did. We all had so much fun with our theme and cannot thank our volunteers and staff enough for making this happen! CHS is also very thankful for HESS and their interns for helping us prepare and decorate for camp, as well as Houston RiteCare for making this entire camp possible!

Check out our full photo album here.