For a parent, finding out your child has hearing loss can be terrifying. You begin to question everything: How did this happen? What will their future look like? What do we do? 

Each child's hearing loss journey is unique and challenging, but there IS hope for every child with hearing loss to reach their full potential in life. We recently received a note from Elizabeth, whose son Charlie received our services and is heading to kindergarten next year. What might seem like a small milestone for some, is a HUGE accomplishment for a child born with hearing loss. Charlie has a bright future ahead and we can't wait to see where life takes him. Read how his mom is feeling below and check out the adorable photos of Charlie from when he was a baby till now!


“Yesterday was a big milestone: Charlie is headed to Kindergarten! When he was born and we learned he was deaf, we had so many worries about what his life would be like. We made it our goal to do whatever it takes for him to be fully caught up to his peers by day 1 of Kindergarten. He did it! In August, he will walk into his classroom having overcome every obstacle and limitation they said he may have, and made it look easy. So much work went into this day, but you’d never know it. What a beautiful journey it’s been. A great reminder to embrace what God has planned. Watch out Kindergarten, Charlie’s coming for you!!”

- Elizabeth, Charlie's mom



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