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When you visit the Melinda Webb School, chances are that the first smiling face you meet will be Lindy Douglas, Director of Education. All her life, Lindy wanted to be a teacher! She grew up playing school with her younger sister, so it’s no surprise she loves her job at The Center for Hearing and Speech. Now in her fourth year at the Melinda Webb School, Lindy says the very best part of her job is “visiting students after graduation at their new schools.” She also loves “getting updates from parents to hear how wonderfully each child is doing.”


Let’s get to know Lindy!



Do you have any pets? I do! My dog, Brewer.

What’s your favorite color? Red

Ice cream flavor? Vanilla

What’s your favorite game to play with your students? BINGO! My kindergarteners practice phonics every Friday with Bingo.

What’s your favorite language activity to do with your students? Could you show it to us?

Anything with music! Here’s a fun song about prepositions. You can change it and use any objects you have at home and sing along:

The Center for Hearing and Speech has an amazing staff of teachers, audiologists, and speech-language pathologists who daily invest in the lives of our students. We know you’ll enjoy meeting them all year long!