Via Colori Houston artists SonIMG_7548.JPGya Hill and Charlene Scott brought their passion for street painting to this year’s International Festival, known as IFest. The weekend festival, located in the blocks surrounding City Hall, celebrates the diverse cultures that make up Houston.

Being new to town, I marveled at the sights and sounds that make Houston unique. Musicians, dance performances from Africa and Central America, and the Australian ‘Living Museum’ and cooking demonstration drew in crowds. Local venders with hand-carved African masks, henna tattoos, and hand-carved Iranian bronze sculptures had me bouncing from booth to booth.

Inspired by the Australian theme, Sonya painted portraits of Aboriginal Australians while Charlene created the Australian continent. Hundreds of spectators stopped to learn about street painting and Via Colori 2014.

Put it on your calendars! Via Colori will feature hundreds of local, national and international artists on November 22-23rd, 2014. Until then, we’ll be chalking up the streets! Don’t miss it!

Jennie Garmon - Outreach