Yessica with her Audiology Team in 2017

Yessica was born in Mexico and diagnosed with hearing loss at an early age. Unfortunately, resources were not available for her to be fit with hearing aids as a child. At 18, Yessica and her family moved to the United States. She had little to no language, did not speak English and had no way of communicating with her family or peers.

Yessica's family found The Center for Hearing and Speech and began seeing specialists in our Audiology Clinic, who diagnosed her with severe bilateral hearing loss. Yessica was fit with free hearing aids through CHS Cares!, a program that provides free hearing aids and audiology services to families that qualify. CHS also provided Yessica with outside resources to begin learning sign language so she would have a way to communicate with her family. 

Thanks to our audiology team, educational liaison and Yessica's hard work and dedication, she is able to communicate with her family just one year after moving to the U.S. Yessica is so thankful CHS has given her the ability to communicate with her friends and family.

Yessica with the Audiology Team when she first visited CHS in 2016