Adriana Daphne Palomo Olivares – Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Daphne Palomo, born in Huejutla de Reyes in the state of Hidalgo, México, now lives in Nuevo León. With a degree in Graphic Design, Daphne paints mainly in acrylic on canvas, murals and pastel chalk on the ground... view artist profile.





Adriana Meza – Sugar Land, Texas

Adriana is a stay at home mom. She works on her paintings at her in home studio. Mainly does oil paintings. Adriana was an art teacher at FBISD for 8 years and participated in Via Colori since its inception.




Adrianna Guillen, Jose Hernandez and Gustavo Pina – Houston, Texas

Adrianna Guillen, is a 23-year-old, born and raised Houstonian. She is currently finishing her last year at the University of Houston, majoring in Fine Arts and Education with a concentration in painting. She would call herself as a portrait and mural artist, but has recently found an interest in Chicano Art, in which she plans to explore. View artist profile.





Alexandra Alfeo – West Palm Beach, Florida

Alexandra Alfeo is an artist pursuing a career as a Chalk Artist and as well as an Up and coming Tattoo Artist. Alexandra has been creating art since she was 4 years old. Drawing and making art is her passion allowing her to express her feelings concepts of color... View artist profile





Alexandra Alvarez – Houston, Texas

Alexandra Alfeo is an artist pursuing a career as a Chalk Artist and as well as an Up and coming Tattoo Artist. Alexandra has been creating art since she was 4 years old. Drawing and making art is her passion allowing her to express her feelings concepts of color... View artist profile






Alexis Godinez - Houston, Texas

Alexis is very grateful to have the opportunity to participate in Via Colori. She loves art as much as she loves life. Her work shows her passion, dedication and hard work. From details to color selection, she does her best. She has hearing problems, so she is glad to help.





Alexus Rendon – Channelview, Texas

Alexus Rendon is a Houston native visual artist who took an interest in art before she was old enough to even enroll in school. Considering it something that she 'just did', it wasn't until years later in life she began to view the world of art ... view artist profile.




Alfredo Santillan – Zapopan Jal, Mexico

"Enjoying the moment."




Allen Salas – Houston, Texas

Allen loves doing any type of art, but loves to have a canvas like he does in Via Colori. 



Allison and Clark Kellogg – HoustonTexas

Allison and Clark are native Houstonians who have been volunteering as Via Colori artists since the first year CHS brought the event to Houston. Allison has worked at the Houston Museum of Natural Science in some capacity since 1994 and has a passion for... view artist profile.



Alonzo Zozo Garcia - Houston, Texas

Alonzo Zozo Garcia has put together a variety of work displaying his abilities in painting and drawing. He first started painting in watercolor at the age of nine and slowly branched out to drawing and painting in every medium available. He loves painting and drawing with extreme contrasts of light, shadow and color... view artist profile.





Amy Gardziel – Pearland, Texas

We're so excited to have this artist join us this year!




Amy Pena – RichmondTexas

We’re excited to have this artist join us!



Anabelle Drake – SmithvilleTexas

Anabelle is a fantasy artist and face & body painter. She began painting by working for Astroworld when she was 18 years old. She took a break to raise a family & work in an office, but always painted in her spare time & volunteered when she could. She enjoys what she does and decided to turn her passion into a business. She's an Artist because she likes how she feels when she creates.




Anat Ronen – Houston, Texas

Starting her art career from scratch and with no formal education, later in life, means her perspective and views come from those of a "normal", “average” person, a simple, hardworking, unnoticed human. Life was never too easy for her, ups and downs, losses and gains, happiness and sorrow... View artist profile.



Andrea Eman and Brian Rudie - Katy, Texas

Andrea has been passionate about art her whole life. While in High School, Andrea was a member of the National Art Honor Society, where one of her pieces participated in the Rodeo Art Contest in 2015. In 2016, she participated in the Visual Arts Scholastic Event and got the highest score. Last year, she won second place in the Houston Money Week Art Contest 2017.




Angel Albarran – HoustonTexas

Angel recently graduated with a Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. The most rewarding thing for him as a designer is working with clients and helping their visions come to life... view artist profile.



Anna Intyrath and Steven Ho – Cypress, Texas

Anna started Via Colori as a substitute for a friend but fell in love. She has been involved with CHS for over 5 years. Today, she works as a team with her husband, Steven.





Anu Srivastav – Richmon, Texas

I have been creating art for over 35 years. Although I work primarily in oil and acrylic on canvas, I fell in love with street painting in 2006 when I first participated in Via Colori. This year will be my 11th year as a Via Colori artist. View artist profile.




April Ferrante - Austin, Texas

April Ferrante, a.k.a. April Rain, is a self-taught artist and graphic designer of almost 20 years, breaking into the field of chalk art and street painting. She uses art as a means to escape the real world and hopes her work transcends people into their own great escape. Being a novice hasn't stopped her from wanting to attend the finest chalk art and street painting festivals in the US. 




 Armando Castelan and Diane Rios  – HoustonTexas

Armando lives and works out of Houston. He is a freelance artist who balances his commission projects between residential mural work and digital art. He successfully executes different techniques using various mediums and is inspired by geometry, people, animals and futurism among other things. Currently, he is illustrating a children's book for a local author and working on a mural for the new Kroger store in Montgomery, TX. Armando is an avid creative whose personal pieces have been on exhibition in galleries and others are housed in private collections. In 2017 his design graced the facade of a marquee on Main. St in a collaboration with the Weingarten Art Group and Art Blocks Houston. 


Ashley Wright and Don Wright - Denton, Texas

Ashley Wright is a professional artist living in Denton, TX. Ashley has experience in multiple mediums and styles, working most prominently in chalk pastels and acrylic. Ashley has had her art work on display at the Oxide Gallery, Fort Worth Amon Carter... view artist profile.


Bianca Postel - Houston, Texas

Bianca Postel of BPostel Artistry. Self taught, multitalented artist who seeks new opportunities to expand her creative skills. Has had a passion of the arts since a very young age... view artist profile.



Brittanie (Bo) Duncan - Austin, Texas

This is Bo's ninth year as a Via Colori artist, and she has traveled from all over the country to be a part of it every year! She now lives in Austin, and is the managing editor of Citygram Magazine, where... View artist profile. 



Brenda Chapa - Houston, Texas

At a young age Brenda Chapa enjoyed creating many things with her hands, but not until high school did she discover what she enjoyed doing the most: drawing animations of insects, amphibians, and other animals with human qualities. Brenda enjoys working with gouache, acrylics, and color pencils. She enjoys making colorful artwork because she feels that sometimes we need a little bit of color to make us smile. 



Brenda Melgar and Chris Ramirez - Alvin, Texas

Brenda was born and raised in Houston, Texas. In high school, she competed throughout the state in various art shows, including the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo's School Art Auction... view artist profile





Bridgett Luevano and Samuel Salazar – Houston, Texas

Ever since Luna was a little kid, she always dreamed about becoming an artist. She used to tell her mom that she would grow up and people would pay her to draw one day... view artist profile.




Brittany Medina, Van Diep and Oscar Medina - Spring, Texas

Brittany was born and raised in San Antonio and moved to Houston. She loves Houston and how it is an artistic city with much diversity. Her team members have participated in previous via colori events and always look forward to participate every year. Brittany's team consist of 2 talented art teachers that and their teaching has influenced and motivated her to take part in this wonderful event. 



Brittany Murray and Lesley Sanchez - Houston, Texas

Brittany Murray is an artist living in Cypress, TX. Born in Magnolia, Arkansas in 1987, she began drawing and painting with various mediums when she was very young. In 2012, she graduated with a Bachelor... view artist profile.



Bryan Higgins – Spring, Texas

Although Bryan has always enjoyed art, he did not take his talent seriously until connecting with fellow high school alum Kenneth at an art show and becoming inspired by his work... View artist profile.




Camilo Gonzalez – Houston, Texas

Camilo is a native Colombian that works in Houston as an artist, Arts Administrator and educator of various mediums and practices. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Digital Media from the University of Houston... View artist profile.




Carlos Enrique Robledo Moreno – Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Carols Robledo, artist, born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, does most of his work on murals for the main avenues of his city. He also paints on canvas and loves madonnari art, history and mythology. His work revolves around the human portrait.



Carlos Macias – Sealy, Texas

Carlos is a deaf artist doing this since 2011.  His forte is storytelling -he likes to tell his story through his art.  As Carlos expressed “Art is my passion that I feel as a deaf to gives me the quality of being visible.” 



Carol Wells – Houston, Texas

Carol Wells, a graduate of the University of Houston, worked for many years in commercial art and pet portraiture before discovering the joy of street painting in 2010... View artist profile.




Carrie Dziabczenko - Fort Worth, Texas

Carrie Dziabczenko is an artist from Fort Worth Texas. Besides street painting and chalk murals, she enjoys painting rocks and eggs, and working with ink, acrylics, water color, and colored pencil and dabbles in hand lettering . Her style ranges from whimsical to impressionistic to traditional. You can see more examples of her work at: instagram/@carriedzi



Cassandra De la Torre and Randy Pham - Houston, Texas

Cassandra is a Texas A&M Visulization student learning and developing in the digital media of digital design and creation. She previously participated in Via Calori during her Junior & Senior year of high school alongside her National Art Honor Society... view artist profile


Cathryn Bozone - Atlanta, Georgia

Cathryn is an Atlanta based artist with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts and a concentration in Graphic Design. She has experience in various printmaking techniques, painting, and installations. She is doing what she has been passionate about since she was young; just with more coffee and shorter deadlines!




Cecelia Linayao – San Diego, California

Cecelia is a fine arts graduate of Cal State University, Long Beach. Chalk is the unique tool in her artist’s toolkit. Besides the traditional crafts of painting and graphic design, she has exploded out of the studio and into the street... View artist profile.






Cesar Polock Ugarte – Monterrey, Nuevo Leo, Mexico

Some of Cesar’s street painting highlights include traveling across the world from her home base in sunny southern California to China, Canada, Mexico and Italy... View artist profile.




Charlene Scott – Plano, Texas

Charlene is a professional artist who graduated from the University of Houston with a BFA in painting. She enjoys creating artwork that everyone can enjoy. 




Cindy Howard, Ashley Colan and Karla Boddie – Sugar Land, Texas

Cindy was born in the states, but began traveling the world at 7 weeks old.  Moving frequently due to her father's job in the USAF, she used art as a way to transition into new settings and occupy her time.  After moving to the Houston are, she began taking classes at Glassell and then on to learning from a myriad of masters. Art is her passion and her way of providing for her family.



Cindy Mae Martin - Channelview, Texas

Cindy is 36 years old and recently moved back to Houston (her hometown) from Phoenix, AZ. She's happy to be back home. She has a background in acrylic painting and is currently a cake artist. She loves designing custom cakes for events. She loves people, art and making a positive impact on the community. Via Colori allows her to express creativity on the streets of downtown while raising money for The Center Of Hearing and Speech -



Claudia Colmenares – Houston, Texas

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Claudia has been a part of Via Colori since 2008. What she loves most about the festival is the way people are amazed by and appreciate everyone's artwork. She loves turning her photographs into street art and... view artist profile.


Claudia Ponce and Jessica Rodriguez - Houston, Texas

Claudia Ponce is a University of Houston graduate with a Bachelor of Architecture. She strives to bring cultural, educational, and community engaging artwork for people of all ages to come together. Her 3D work focuses on providing viewers a unique perspective of art that breaks the notion of art seen from afar and encourages interaction with the artwork itself.



Cody Jorgensen - Houston, Texas

Cody Jorgensen is originally from Nebraska, and graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney with a Bachelors in Art Education. He is an art teacher at Burchett Elementary in Spring ISD. His personal work is abstract mixed media, and this is his first year with Via Colori



Corella Fairchild – Conroe, Texas

Corella is a graphic arts student at the University of Houston Clear Lake. Her intense love for street art and for the welfare of our community's children led her to the Via Colori festival in 2013... View artist profile.



Craig Carter – Houston, Texas

Craig is a mixed media visual artist from Houston, TX that can work with all sorts of mediums from acrylics to coffee.




Cristina Trevino - Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

We're excited to have this artist join us!



Cullen Lisbony - Houston, Texas

Cullen Lisbony is a Kennedy Center award winner, and a Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo art show winner. I live in an apartment with my wife and child behind Space Center Houston.

I have multiple drawing styles, and techniques to improvise landscapes and environments. I use methods devised by a multitude of artists from DaVinci to Kistler.



Cynthia Kostylo - Lexington, Kentucky

Cynthia Kostylo is a Chicago native graduating from Southern Illinois University with a degree in Art Education. She has been teaching art for over 30 years to children of all ages including her own 3 sons... view artist profile.





Dana Caldera and Megan Tyler – Houston, Texas

Dana is a Houston-based artist and advanced art teacher at YES Prep Fifth Ward. This will be her fourth year creating art at Via Colori with the help of her dedicated students. 



Danelle Renee Nixon – Pearland, Texas

Danelle loves art and has been creating ever since she could pick up a pencil. Her studies in college were art and horticulture. She believes in using her skills every day at her job and finds it very fulfilling... View artist profile.





Daphne Dow & Powers Brown Architecture Team – Houston, Texas

Powers Brown Architecture is a professional services firm practicing architecture, interior design, programming and urban design. Led by founding principals Joe Powers, AIA, Jeffrey Brown, FAIA, along with Bruce Walck, AIA, and... View artist profile.






Daphne Dow & Powers Brown Architecture Team – Houston, Texas

Powers Brown Architecture is a professional services firm practicing architecture, interior design, programming and urban design. Led by founding principals Joe Powers, AIA, Jeffrey Brown, FAIA, along with Bruce Walck, AIA, and... View artist profile.





David Rychlik, Jr. & Maria Rychlik – Stafford, Texas

David Rychlik, a Houston native, has a passion for art that began early in his childhood. With roots based in graffiti, he’s been heavily influenced by the works of Basquiat, Pollock, and Bob Ross... View artist profile.





David Mackey - Houston, Texas

We are so excited to that this artist join us!




David Maldonado, Isaic Gonzalez & Ruben Montemayor - Pasadena, Texas

David "Davey Jones" Maldonado is a Houston-based artist that uses various mediums such as visual art, music and live performance to tell his story. His artwork features elements drawn from Mexican folk art and murals blended in a contemporary style. His work reflects conversations of faith, culture and pays homage to the locals that inspire him to pursue his vision.




David Zinn - Ann Arbour, Michigan

We are so excited to have this artist join us!



Deborah Simon – Houston, Texas

"Art is the music on paper, it flows and bends, it expresses and shares, it is the love and peace of the world." This quote, by a former 5th grade student of Deborah Simon, is why she became an art educator... view artist profile.




Dennis Chernov - Spring, Texas

Dennis was born in the USSR and moved to the US 14 years ago. He worked as a liaison between United Methodist Church of Texas and Russian Peace Foundation. He met his wife during a mission trip to Siberia. He now lives in Houston and is the owner of whiteravenphotoworks.

He has always been obsessed with art, photography, and painting.





Dezmon Williams - Houston, Texas

We are excited to have this artist join us!




Diane Fifer - Friendswood, Texas

Professional Artist, Diane Fifer, has been producing and selling her art for several years now. Working mostly in black and white acrylics she creates large canvases of animals. She is a permanent vendor at First Monday's, Canton, Tx, a vendor for Vintage Market Days throughout the U.S., and also does local events... view artist profile



Doria Goldman - Houston, Texas

Doria has been painting ever since she could remember. From the beginning, she primarily focuses on nature, figures, and portraiture. She picked up oil paint in art school, and never put it down. It's a perfect match... view artist profile.




Elinor Cowan – Jersey Village, Texas

Elinor Cowan is a local Houston artist that has participated in Via Colori for over 7 years. She is a graduate of Houston Baptist University, with a major of Art and Computer Science. Currently she is coaching and teaching art in Cy-Fair ISD

at Bridgeland High School.




Elizabeth Jones – HoustonTexas

Elizabeth Jones used art-making to fill the lonely spaces, created by moving frequently as she was growing up. She won her first art award in 4th grade and was later told by high school teachers that she “must do something in art”... View artist profile.




Elspeth and Scott Henderson – Houston, Texas

Scott has been doing Via Colori for the past four years. He loves participating in Via Colori because when he was born without an ear and had to have reconstructive surgery, he didn't know a place like The Center for Hearing and Speech existed... View artist profile.




Erica Cavazos – Channelview, Texas

Erica was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She is a self taught artist who prefers to use acrylic on canvas as her medium of choice. She has displayed her artwork in several galleries throughout the years in the Houston Heights... View artist profile.




Erik Martinez and Esmerelda Martinez - Spring, Texas

Erik has been drawing as long as he could hold a crayon. From drawing cartoons and toys he loved, to comics, movies, video games, and finally the strange and unique images I found only in his head. Drawing from his own imagination has opened so many possibilities in his art. Now he spends his days finding new forms and mediums with which to express these images. He gets to meet so many talented people as well! Art is great.




Esteban Nasukowicz - Houston, Texas

We are so excited to have this artist join us!




Eulalio Alberto Garcia Chavez - Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

We are so excited to have this artist join us!


Farhana Rashid - Houston, Texas

Farhana Rashid recently discovered her talent in art. She's always been artistic as a child, but had lost touch with capabilities in her quest to grow up. One day last year, she picked up her old habit of sketching which led her to take bigger risks with creativity. She began exploring different mediums without a real concept of technique. When she began a project, she surprised myself with the end result. By continuing to accept new challenges, she has confidence in her artwork. Farhana is eager to advance in this talent with every new opportunity. 




Farrah Lynch – RichmondTexas

We’re excited to have this artist join us!




Gerald Rhodes - Fresno, Texas

Gerald-James Rhodes was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and practices art and design in Houston, Texas. He has over 25 years of storytelling experience through the medium of graphic design, photography, video, and Fine Art experience. Rhodes has a BFA from the University of Louisiana Lafayette and from the world famous new Orleans Center for Creative Art. He has designed and Art Directed five (GDUSA) award-winning branding and two visual arts awards in the Red Bean Art Opening. He has exhibited at Lawndale Center's "The Big Show", Fresh Art's pop-up exhibit at Spring street, Aurora studios' Summer in Color and East End Gallery's "Fight Like a Girl".




Germain Quintanilla - Houston, Texas

Germain is a Houston local artist and art educator. The majority of his work is graffiti based and large format. He prefers to work with industrial house paints and spray paint. The subject of his work is childhood memories and items that associate with those memories. He teaches advanced drawing course at Channelview High School and Endeavor High School. 




German Arellano and Carla Valencia de Martinez – Houston, Texas

German Arellano is a 28yr old Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Father. As an artist he is always open to learning new techniques and applying them to his own art. As a designer he aims to keep his work diverse and modern... View artist profile.



Grace Nguyen & Cat Cavuoti– Spring, Texas

In 2007, Grace and Cat became artist volunteers for Via Colori. What started as a college project at the University of Houston, Via Colori has become an annual tradition to help others. After graduating in 2009 from UH, both have since become Elementary Art Educators.




 Harland P. Dodge - Bellaire, Texas

 7 year artist, here to help and have fun!




Heidi Powell-Pera - Houston, Texas

We are so excited to have this artist join us!




Henry Darnell – Dallas, Texas

Henry is a professional artist working in visual effects and animated films for over 25 years. He has created miniatures, puppets and props for film, television, theme parks and live performances... View artist profile.





Holly Schineller – Temple, Arizona

Holly Schineller, a resident of Tempe, Arizona, attended both the California College of the Arts and Arizona State University to complete her Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art. Visual Art is her means of processing the inspiration she finds in nature... View artist profile.




Hung Pham – League City, Texas

After receiving his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Houston in 2013, Hung Pham began interning for Jay Baker Architects. As an aspiring architect, he held, and still maintains, great respect for arts and innovation. Now, Pham’s philosophy is about uniting technological advancement with design and technique. View artist profile.






Iris Vanessa Gonzalez – Houston, Texas

Mexican- American and Native Houstonian, Artist and painter, and a proud mother of 3, Iris has been a part of Via Colori since its commencement in 2006. Over the years she has always been a freelance artist as well as an architectural designer... View artist profile.


 Ishani Desai - Houston, Texas

Ishani Desai is currently a junior at Rice University pursuing a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Born and raised in Katy, TX, she aspires to explore the world not only through travel but also through art and activism. Always ready to go on an adventure, Ishani is constantly trying new methods of art, ranging from photography to oil painting to charcoal; it's no surprise that the MFAH is one of her favorite spots in Houston. Her spirit animal is the quokka (it really is uncanny how much they look alike), and you'll also always find her with a cup of coffee in her hands


Ivan Sanchez - Pasadena, Texas

Ivan Sanchez is a graphic designer for a fine printing shop named InkSpot Printing located in Pasadena. They are a local shop that caters to all printing jobs, big or small (713.472.1100 or He is a graduate from the Art Institute of Houston with a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts. He's been a part of Via Colori since 2008 when his art teacher, Mr. Leerkamp, used to take a few art students to help him on his piece. Since 2010 he has been attending by myself with the help of his nieces, nephews, & now daughter which she attended & actually helped out last year.




Jacky Cardenas – PasadenaTexas

Jacky has been a part of Via Colori Houston since it started! She graduated for The University of Texas in Austin with a degree in Visual Arts Studies. She is a Visual Art Educator at Hendrickson High School in Pflugerville ISD... View artist profile.




James Walker - Houston, Texas

James E. Walker is an African-American freelance designer, illustrator, and multi-disciplinary artist that is active in graphic design, digital illustration, printmaking, photography, painting, mixed media, music production, songwriting, and poetry. He specializes in logo design, brand development, apparel design, posters, album covers, and layout design. 





James Wingo - Corpus Christi, Texas

We are so excited to have this artist join us!





Jane Nghiem, Carl Owens & Meaghan O'Rourke – Houston, Texas

Jane Nghiem is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. She graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Graphic Communications and a minor in Graphic Technology in 2010... View artist profile.


Jannett Pena - Houston, Texas

Jannett is a 38-year-old Mexican-American Female Artist, an art educator with little ones through college students. Growing up in a deaf family, she turned to art. Art has always been a part of her since she was a little girl that got on a school bus at the age of 5 and doodled. Jannett received her Bachelor's in 2005, returned to grad school to receive her MFA in 2013. When she creates, she searches what is within her to convey a message of hope.


Jennifer Lang – Houston, Texas

Jennifer is an internationally unrenowned artist that came to Houston from an alternate brane while chasing after her mischievous herd of tiny elephants.  When she is not out tracking the Herds disappearance through a wormhole, you will find her hard at work in her studio bringing her inspirations to life... View artist profile.


Jennifer Ripassa – La Mirada, California

Jennifer Ripassa, from La Mirada, California, began her art career at the young age of 2 and has grown into a very versatile artist, skilled in a wide variety of mediums including charcoal, pastels, pencils, oils, acrylics and airbrush. 


Jeremy Tolbert – Houston, Texas

Jeremy Tolbert is a local visual artist based out of Houston, Texas. As a visual artist, he often incorporates themes relating to music, pop culture, cartoons, spcial issues, and the like to invoke
humor and thought into the viewer... View artist profile.


Jesse DeLeon – Humble, Texas

Jesse was born and raised in Houston, Texas. His interest in drawing began as soon as he could hold a pencil. While working at a designing firm, his interest in creating murals and faux finishes was born. He has since painted murals, canvases and faux finishes for designers, businesses and individuals across the world.... View artist profile.





Jessi Queen – Atlanta, Georgia

Jessi Queen is an award winning chalk artist living in Atlanta, GA. She received her BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design and has been creating chalk murals on the sidewalk since 2007... View artist profile.





Jessica Bennett Vandervoot – HoustonTexas

We’re excited to have this artist join us!






Jessica Green and Cypress Lakes High School – Cypress, Texas

The Cypress Lakes High School National Art Honor Society (NAHS) chapter started on February 11, 2014. The sponsors of the organization are Cy Lakes art teachers, Jessica Green and Lindsay Reed... View artist profile.




Jessica Little – La PorteTexas

Jessica is an Art Teacher and ceramic artist here in Houston. This is her sixth year paticipating in Via Color and exclaims “it is alwaysy favorite part of the year. As much as I love helping my students work their creative muscles, I look forward to the weekend of Via Colori every year, when it is, an entire weekend of just me, the chalk and the pavement.”



Jesus Omar Monares Machorro - Monterrey, Neuvo Leon, Mexico

We're excited to have this artist join us!




John Davis – Houston, Texas

We’re excited to have this artist join us!




Jon Gardner – Houston, Texas

Jon's focus tends toward the incorporation of natural elements, frequently inspired by natural and man-made geometries, to express or create a unique moment... View artist profile.




Jonathan Victorino - Alvin, Texas

Jonathan is part of a group of artists of all ages.  Jonathan and his fellow artists worked with Andres Bautista who was one of their teachers and a cherished Via Colori artist who participated each year.  Sadly Andres passed away this year but his students and former students would like to carry on his tradition going and keep his spirit alive.




Jordan Campbell - Houston, Texas

Energy Institute HS is a STEM-focused magnet school in HISD that fully integrates project-based learning into each class. Students from the Art II class, led by their teacher, Ms. Jordan Campbell, are excited to participate in Via Colori for the first time this year!





Jorge Turrubiartes, Oscar and Japhet – Houston, Texas

Jorge is a 34 year old, art and music passionate.  “I mainly focus on colorful anime, cartoon and realism.”  Although he only took art classes in middle school, Jorge affirms, “… when you have love and passion for something, you uncover hidden talents.  I hope to take this on a professional level some day.”




Jose F. Vasquez – Houston, Texas

Jose F. Vasquez was born in El Salvador and at a young age he moved to the United States. Art inspired him throughout middle and high school. In 2008 he graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Arts. Since then, he has been teaching In Channelview ISD. Jose has been participating in Via Colori since 2007and still going strong.


Julia Britt – Kingwood, Texas

Julia Britt is a hairdresser and a mom. She has always been artistic and studied art for a bit after becoming a hairdresser. She has traveled the world and finds herself in a museum or gallery wherever she goes. Julia loves art and volunteering for charity events, so via Colori is the perfect place for her to be.



Julie De Vries - Houston, Texas

Julie De Vries is an artist and educator living in Houston. Her work includes painting, drawing, collage, and performance. And has been exhibited in both commercial and non-profit spaces. She received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago focusing on painting and Latin American art history. She received her MFA in painting and drawing from the University of Houston, and currently teaches drawing and art appreciation at Lone Star College, and is represented by Jonathan Hopson Gallery.




Julie Schulte - Spring, Texas

Julie Schulte is mixed media artist from St. Louis, Missouri and art educator for Tomball ISD. She has a minor in fashion design from Rhode Island School of Design and BA in art education from Maryville University. She loves to fuse together people through collaborative art projects. In the past year, she has worked with refugees and the homeless of the 1960 Hope Center. 





Kai Ussin – Houston, Texas

We're excited to have this artist join us!






Karen Resnick - Houston, Texas

Karen has been drawing since before she could remember. She is excited to be participating in Via Colori for the first time.




Karin Stensrud - Alvin, Texas

We're excited to have this artist join us!



Karina Bhattacharya - Haiku, Hawaii

Karina Bhattacharya was raised in Maui, Hawaii. She came to Houston as an Industrial Design student at the University of Houston. Karina volunteered at the 2016 event and was inspired to come back as an artist.




Keandra Blake – Houston, Texas

Keandra is a 23-year-old Houston native that has been an artist her whole life. She considers herself to be self-taught and taught throughout school. She is a college graduate with an Associates degree in Art, and needs exposure for her art. She draws her own ideas and sketches in her spare time at home, but hasn't really shared her drawings. She's shy, but talented and believes it’s just a matter of building confidence and letting the world know what you can do. I look forward to participating in this great experience for a great cause.


Kelly Kronfeld – Pearland, Texas

As the owner of Art & Kustom Kreations studio in Pearland, TX where students are taught to thrive through art, Kelly Kronfeld holds deeply the value of our children. She uses her teaching and artistic talents to foster confidence and problem-solving skills to last a lifetime. Giving back to the community through Houston Via Colori is a privilege she takes seriously. Kelly is an active artist in the greater Houston Area and holds a BS in Elementary Education with a minor in studio art, an MS in Curriculum & Planning, an Ed.S. in Educational Administration, and is currently a doctoral candidate for Educational Administration.



Kelyn Mejia – Houston, Texas

Kelyn has been practicing art for the past 6 years as a sculptor and started doing street painting events in high school. She was the first artist from the apprendista section to win fan favorite in Via Colori 2015. She has been studying art at Bennington college and plans to expand her 2D portfolio





Kenneth Pierson – Houston, Texas

Kenneth fell in love with art at a very young age thanks to his fourth grade art teacher.  She would send him home with art supplies after the other kids left class and continually encourage him. He went on to study Fine Art at Illinois State University while also on a basketball scholarship... View artist profile.





Kevin Richert – Washington, Texas

Kevin Richert a creative painter for over forty years, has learned to study and explore the nature of drawing and painting closely. His intent to communicate the functional and detailed approach to the viewer... View artist profile.




Keris Freeman – Houston, Texas

We're excited to have this artist join us!





Kristin Waitschies and D.E. Harvey Builders Team (Lyndi May, Jorge Munguia and Albert Mesa) – Houston, Texas

We're excited to have this artist join us!




Lety Rodriguez and Team (Rosalinda Martinez and Sebastian Zamora) – Houston, Texas

Leticia Rodriguez is currently a 3rd grade teacher at an inner city school. She embeds in her students a love of art. Whether it is math or handwriting, she gives her students the tools to love school. Her art teacher in high school, Susam Smith, allowed her to be free artistically and those lessons have helped her as an educator and in life. 






Lily Alonso – Pasadena, Texas

Lily Alonso is a part time student working on a graphic design bachelors. She is a full time children's Librarian, teaching an art class to young impressionable kids once a week and she loves it... View artist profile.



Lily Luc - Houston, Texas

Lily Luc has participated in Via Colori twice in the past. She lovse art and everything it stands for. She is currently a third year medical student from Texas A&M College of Medicine. When she is not using her brain to analyze diseases and its pathophysiology, she is thinking of ways to paint the world we live in. She worked for Painting With a Twist for half a year, and have come to truly appreciate art as both a hobby and a mean of entertainment for others.




Lissette Aguirre Hinojosa - Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

We're excited to have this artist join us!





Liwayway Andrade – Austin, Texas

Liway is a rookie Via Colori artist, hoping to rejuvenate her passion for art while contributing to a worthy cause. She discovered her creativity in a junior high school art class, soon after moving to Texas from the Philippines. Her greatest achievement as an artist was earning Best of Show in the Houston Rodeo School Art Competition. Currently, she is pursuing a career in the art of medicine. 





Lizette Galvan-Portillo – Houston, Texas

One of the winners from the 2010 and 2011 Fan Favorite, Lizette is returning to the festival this year and we're looking forward to seeing what she whips up.







Lluvia Glavan – La Porte, Texas

We're excited to have this artist join us!





Lorena Martinez and Pedro Cardona - Houston, Texas

We're excited to have this artist join us!




Luis Castillo – Spring, Texas

This will be Luis' third year participating at this event. He currently attends the University of Houston to get a fine arts degree. He is very excited to be working in the same area with worldwide artists and helping the kids from The Center for Hearing and Speech.




Lysa Ashley – Corona, California

Lysa Ashley is a teacher and self-taught artist from the Inland Empire in California. She started her street painting career fifteen years ago at the I Madonnari street painting festival in Santa Barbara, California. She travels throughout the United States, as well as internationally, to participate in street painting events... View artist profile.





Maddy Tadros – Leawood, Kansas

Maddy Tadros is an up and coming artist in the Houston area. She is a  junior at Rice University majoring in Chemical Engineering. Mentored by her grandmother, she grew up constantly surrounded by art, always having a pencil in hand. Her main focuses include pastel drawings and graphic design... View artist profile.





Magan Wilkins – HoustonTexas

Magan's junior year of high school, she won 1st place in the Italian Sidewalk Art Festival. Her art teacher introduced her to a woman that was looking for artists for Via Colori last year and she did not hesitate to accept her offer. She has become very inspired by the art work she'd seen there, and she is hoping to have to opportunity to create something special for The Center for Hearing and Speech.






Magda Delgado - Houston, Texas

We're excited to have this artist join us!




Magdalena Esparza and Team - Houston, Texas

We're excited to have this artist join us!



Mandy Shefman – HoustonTexas

Mandy moved back to Houston recently after living in San Diego for 7 years. She has been doing art since she was a child and her experience in the working world has built her behind-the-scenes ability to organize... View artist profile.




Marcos Hernandez - New Caney, Texas

Born in Veracruz, Mexico; raised in Houston, Texas; now an amateur farmer in New Caney, Texas. Marcos Hernandez first attended Via Colori as a volunteer in 2011. Fascinated and inspired by the works of the madonnari, Marcos began drawing once again... View artist profile.





Margarita Botello– Monterrey, Nuevo LeonMexico

Margarita’s love for painting started when she was a young girl.  She graduated from the University of Design of Monterrey CEDIM.  For many years Margarita has practiced mural painting, which she has done in several educational centers for children and for sixteen years painted as a hobby. Additionally, she is a plastic artist. View artist profile.





Maria Brown  – Houston, Texas

Maria is excited and honored to be participating in the Via ColorI experience again for her 9th year.




Marina Jenkins - Houston, Texas

We're excited to have this artist join us!





Marissa Marsh – Austin, Texas

Marissa Marsh is a native Houstonian now living in Austin Texas. She joined the Via Colori Street Painting Festival seven years ago when one of her friends, an artist participating in the festival, convinced her to sign up and take the empty square next to her. View artist profile




Martha Kaminsky – San Leon, Texas

Martha expresses, “I'm new to art.  I believe that it's just for fun and something that enhances your life.  I want to participate [and] be a part of what's happening in Houston; to contribute to the community and to advance my artistic ability.”


Mathieu Jn Baptiste – HoustonTexas

Mathieu was born in Port Au Prince, Haiti and based in Houston, Texas. Mathieu spent his early years in Haiti and St Paul, Minnesota. He studied Art and Photography at Ecole Nationale des Arts (Enarts), a university in Port Au Prince, Haiti resulting in a Bachelor of Arts in Art History... view artist profile here. 




Melanie and Shawn O'Neill – Houston, Texas

2011 Fan Favorites, Melanie and Shawn have been crafting colorful pieces together at Via Colori Houston since 2010. The husband-and-wife duo are both graphic designers with a pet rabbit obsession, and spend most of their "spare time" creating fun prints and keeping clients happy as part of the growing O'Neill Design Co. Look for their newest family-friendly, 10x10' square again this year!





Nancy Garza - Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

We're excited to have this artist join us!






Naomi Haverland – Seattle Washington

We’re excited to have this artist join us!




Natalia Gonzalez - Houston, Texas

We're excited to have this artist join us!



Natalia Rodriguez – Houston, Texas

Natalia is a native Houstonian.  She participated in Via Colori her senior year of high school and very much enjoyed the entirety of the idea of such a festival.She is an art enthusiast that uses every free moment ... view artist profile.





Peter Ho – Houston, Texas

We're excited to have this artist join us!




Peter Wu and Claire Logue – Houston, Texas

We're excited to have these artists join us!



Rachel DelaRosa – Houston, Texas

For as long as she could remember, Rachel has always loved drawing. The first time she had an artistic thought was around 4 years old. She realized that the elephant she was drawing had two legs on one side and two on the other...not 4 legs all in a row... View artist profile.





Raeanne Bartlett - Haltom City, Texas

We're excited to have this artist join us!




Randi Wolskij - Houston, Texas 

We're so excited to have this artist join us!




Rashid Lane - Houston, Texas

In 1990, Rashid Lane was born in California. His family relocated to Texas in 1995, where he still resides. During this time, he developed a passion for drawing. He continued pursing his art through formal education. After finishing his secondary school studies in Palestine, TX, he attended Texas A&M University-Commerce... view artist profile.


Rebekah Tee – HoustonTexas

Rebekah Tee is in her 19th year teaching art.  She is the Founding Art Teacher at KIPP Houston High School and Founder/Director of KIPP Houston Art School.  She was a Fan Favorite 3 times. Every year, she has student volunteers to face paint and has a student representing the KIPP schools... View artist profile.



Richard Garcia, Jr. – HoustonTexas

We're excited to have this artist join us!


 Richard Cornall - Houston, Texas

We're excited to have this artist join us!




Ruben Martinez Arriaga – Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Ruben Arriaga was born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture; UANL, and began his artistic work in 2004. In 2013 he obtained the highest category "Master Madonnaro" and received 2 Guinness records (2014 and 2015) for the largest anamorphic painting... View artist profile.





Rosalia Covarrubias, Yael Lara and Araceli Hernandez – Houston, Texas

We're excited to have this artist join us!




Rosalinda Martinez - Houston, Texas

We're excited to have this artist join us!




Ruben Rendon - Houston, Texas

We're excited to have this artist join us!





Samantha Hempel – Katy, Texas

Samantha is a local Houstonian who's enjoyed contributing to Via Colori since 2009.



Sandra Ruiz – Houston, Texas

Sandra (aka: Queen Hilene) started her passion for oil painting with abstract woman figures in 2001. This started her first collection, painting at clubs and mostly on her balcony. Since, she's ventured into acrylic and other mediums like the pastels she uses for Via Colori. This year marks her 5th year as an artist for Via Colori, and we can't wait to see what she comes up with!


Sarah Ward - Houston, Texas

Sarah has lived in the Houston area her whole life and has been drawing since she could pick up a pencil. She always dreamed of making art for a living and sold artwork to pay for art classes. She eventually earned an Associates of Art degree and Bachelor of Fine Arts from UHCL. She's had the honor of helping out a friend at Via Colori for a couple years and thought she'd try her own piece. She hopes to participate in more events like this one to beautify her city while raising money for a good cause.




Seth Stratton - Houston, Texas

We're excited to have this artist join us!





Shawn Artis – Houston, Texas

Shawn Artis is a local artist who has participated with Via Colori since 2011. In 2013 he was selected as one of Via Colori Houston’s featured artists! He can be seen creating live works of art at various venues throughout the city... View artist profile.




Shuji Nishimura – Torrance, California

Shuji began as a chalk artist in Los Angeles, California in 2007 and has received some awards for his work.  At one of the largest chalk events, Pasadena Chalk Festival, Shuji received 1st place in 2011 and 2014.  His style is realistic drawing.


 Stephanie Albert – League City, Texas

Stephanie currently teaches drawing and painting classes at J. Frank Dobie High School. She's been teaching for the last 14 years. This year is her 8th year as an artist at Via Colori Houston. She has always enjoyed working in a variety of mediums and Via Colori is an event that she looks forward to every year.




Stuart and Grant Nelson – Houston, Texas

We’re excited to have this artist join us!





Susan Brunell – Houston, Texas

We’re excited to have this artist join us!



Sylvia Sykula-Haplin – Lago Vista, Texas

Sylvia Sykula has been a participating artist for Via Colori since 2008. Her colorful Celtic art stems from her obsession with symmetry and repeating shapes. Originally from Brooklyn, Sylvia now resides in Texas and works as an elementary art teacher and purveyor of art. You can visit her web site,, which is dedicated to making art for small hands.




Tadeo Mendoza – Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

An architect by profession, dedicated to art for 6 years, using different techniques such as painting, sculpture and intervention of figures, Tadeo likes to use destinct medias to enrich and complement his work.




Team RussKell – Houston, Texas

Team Russkell, Russ Gobel and Kelly Faltermayer, has been with Via Colori since its inception. For their 11th anniversary with the festival, the dynamic duo will celebrate the beauty of India with a jeweled elephant.



 Terry Kenefic – Houston, Texas

Originally from New York, Terry has been in Houston now for 35 years - 34 of those teaching. After participating every year since Via Colori's 2nd year as a high school art teacher with her students and other art teachers and artists... View artist profile.




Theresa Burgess – Houston, Texas

Theresa's passion is art - color, collage & photography. After teaching art for 37 years, she is now excited about concentrating on her own visual expression and experiences. This year will be her 10th year and the first Via Colori festival she has participated in without also having a student participate in the Apprendista portion... View artist profile.





Tony Collantez – Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

We're excited to have this artist join us!




Tim Walker – Houston, Texas

Tim is a native Houstonian. This November will be his fourth year as an artist for Via Colori. He loves participating in art events in his spare time. In 2013 he was selected to show in The Hunting Art Prize. Earlier last year, he was an artist for the 1st Annual Kerrville Chalk Festival... View artist profile.




Tori Spivey, Christina Spivey and Johnathan Peaks – Humble, Texas

Working exclusively in rich texture, oils and acrylics Tori Spivey fuses traditional formats and motifs with modern modes of representation. Selecting works from old masters like Michelangelo or Gentile da Fabriano, Spivey replaces the historical figures and scenes with urban culture characteristics... view artist profile.





Valentina Kisseleva – Houston, Texas

We’re excited to have this artist join us!





Vanessa Rojas – Houston, Texas

Vanessa Rojas (of Costa Rican and Mexican descent, first generation American) was born in Houston, Texas and lived in Costa Rica for nearly seven years. At a very young age she began to show natural interest in art and began to develop artistic techniques through self-teaching; no formal art training... View artist profile.



Vivienne Dang, Isbelle Le, and Brandyn Dang – Houston, Texas

Vivienne Dang is the Lead Sr. Multimedia Designer for UL. She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Houston in 2007. She regularly works with both digital and traditional art media, but her favorite things to use are old-fashioned watercolors, pencil, and oil paints... view artist profile.




Will Benitez and Jesus – Houston, Texas

We're excited to have these artists join us!





William Nazario – Houston, Texas

William is a new Houston local artist. Former AP art student of CE king High school and San Jacinto College. His interest in art began in sophomore year when he had his very first art class... view artist profile.



Willie Zin - Long Beach, California

William Zin (Willie) although he works as a Logistics Manager in the Freight Forwarding/Shipping Industry, he has a degree in BFA, Illustration from Cal State Long Beach and has been street painting since 2009. He found this Street Art by accident while searching on the internet for interesting things to draw and paint... view artist profile.





Zachary Herndon – Atlanta, Georgia

Zachary Herndon has been chalking since 2011 at festivals in GA, FL, TN, KY, Italy, and Germany. He specializes in pop art and graphical styles. He has a passion for making new friends and co-founded the GA Chalk Artists Guild with his wife Jessi Queen in 2014 to help promote street painting in GA. Zach and Jessi live in Atlanta and have two awesome dachshunds.