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Renée S. Davis, Executive Director

Diane Tucker, Director of Administration

Sandra Alvarado, Administrative Assistant | Front Desk

Melissa Picazo, Insurance Claims Specialist

Patricia Rippe, Insurance Administration Assistant

Elizabeth Vidales, Billing & Credentialing Specialist

Steve Hughes, Director of Finance


Speech Language Pathology

Amy Cantu, Director of Speech Language Pathology Services, Auditory-Verbal Therapist

Daena Busby, Intervention Services Coordinator

Bailey Clay, Speech Language Pathologist

Amy Huddleston, Speech Language Pathologist

Miriam Stafford, Auditory-Verbal Therapist, Speech-Language Pathologist

Peyton Stephens, Auditory-Verbal Therapist, Speech-Language Pathologist

Cristina Zárate, Bilingual Auditory-Verbal Therapist, Speech-Language Pathology Assistant



Jennifer Wickesberg, Director of Audiology, Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapist

Jennifer Martinez, Administrative Assistant in Audiology

Elga San Miguel, Administrative Assistant in Audiology

Nancy Maher, Administrative Assistant in Audiology

Kate David, Senior Pediatric Audiologist, CHS Cochlear Implant Team Manager, Melinda Webb School Audiology Coordinator

Jessica Spiro, Pediatric Audiologist, ABR Coordinator

Julie Cordell, Pediatric Audiologist, Hearing Screening Coordinator & Externship Coordinator 

Megan Marsh, Pediatric Audiologist

Haley Athey, Pediatric Audiologist

Sierra Lawrence, Pediatric Audiologist

Leigh Leslie, Educational Liaison 


Family Services

Gayle Kamen, Social Worker


Melinda Webb School

Lindy Powell, Director of Education

LaToya Martin, Language Teacher: Kinder

Javiya Gray, Director of Daycare | Teacher Assistant: Kinder

Monique Lander, Co-Teacher: Pre-K

Diana Dehler, Language Teacher: Pre-K

Rosemary Hirschfeld, Langage Teacher: Toddler

Sarabeth Ferraro, Instructional Specialist | LEAP Teacher

Tameka Jones, Teacher Assistant: Toddler

Kim Willig, Lanugage Teacher: Toddler

Kirbee Gunter, Teacher Assistant: Toddler

Mayra Aguilar, Teacher Assistant: Toddler

Pollyanna Halling, Language Teacher: Toddler

Isabel Neri, Teacher Assistant: Toddler

Kasie LeBlanc, Language Teacher: Pre-K

Belinda Mendoza, Teacher Assistant: Pre-K

Lilliebeth Halling, Language Teacher: Pre-K

Hannah Hardin, Teacher Assistant: Pre-K

Megan Gerlach, Assistant Teacher: LEAP



Layne Mason, Librarian


Development and Marketing

Natalie Vuckovic, Director of Development

Kathlee Akers, Events Manager

Kelsey Gross, Grant Writer

Ariel Jones, PR/Marketing Manager

Erica Perez, Engagement Manager

Janine Sanborn, Event and Marketing Specialist

Don Suttajit, Graphic Designer