Houston Visualize Via Colori® 2016 Photography Contest FAQs

Q> Is this contest only open to professional photographers?
A> Definitely not. The contest is open to everyone, no matter your experience level. Because the jury process is anonymous, every photo selected to appear in the contest will be judged based on how good it is, not on who took it.

Q> What are your social media tags?
You can tag us on Facebook @HoustonViaColori or on Instagram @ViaColori and use the hashtags #ViaColori and #VisualizeViaColori.

Q> What is the minimum resolution photo you’ll accept?
A> You will be required to provide a minimum of 1600×2000 ppi; maximum of 2400×3000 ppi. This will ensure we have a high enough resolution for potential use in future promotional materials.

Q> Does it matter if my photos are B&W or color?
A> Absolutely not.

Q> If I am selected will I need to print and/or frame my image(s)?
A> No, you do not need to print or frame images.

Q> Does The Center for Hearing and Speech claim any rights to use my photos for any other purpose than display in the contest?
A> Once the jury makes its selections, winning photos will be used in materials promoting Houston Via Colori, The Street Painting Festival. By entering the contest, you give The Center for Hearing and Speech the right to use the images in future marketing materials. Beyond that, you retain full copyright to and ownership of your photo, and in all applicable circumstances will receive credit when your photo is used.

Q> I am interested in participating but do not want my work to be used as promotional material. Is it possible to submit photos but not have them used by The Center for Hearing and Speech?
A> Houston Via Colori is an annual fundraising event for The Center for Hearing and Speech, a non-profit organization that helps children with hearing impairments learn to listen, speak and read. The photography contest is part of the fundraising effort and if your photo(s) is(are) selected, it(they) may be used online, print or other marketing materials to continue our fundraising efforts. If this is a problem for you, we ask that you do not participate in the contest.

Q> Will I receive any money from the use of my photographs?
A> As stated above, Houston Via Colori is part of the fundraising efforts for The Center for Hearing and Speech. With that in mind, none of the proceeds will go to you, but rest assured they will be going to a wonderful cause and supporting a wonderful nonprofit Houston organization!

Q> Do my photos have to have been taken at the Houston Via Colori 2016 festival? Can I submit photos from past Houston Via Colori festivals?
A> All photo submissions must be from the Houston Via Colori 2016 Festival. We are thrilled you have joined us in the past but our focus is on this year’s festival, so please don’t submit photos from past festivals. The festival is always different so come out to this year’s event and see all the new street paintings and new activities we have added!

Q> Can a photographer have more than one winning photo in the contest?
A> Yes, it could happen. The jurors won’t know what photos belong to which photographer. They’ll be judging based on the photo itself, so it is possible that a single photographer could end up with more than one photo in the contest.

Q> Where does my entry fee go?
It all goes back to The Center for Hearing and Speech to help improve the lives of deaf children through clinical, education and support services. 

Q> I paid for the Photographer’s Breakfast early entrance. Can I bring my friends/family with me or is it just for the photographer?
If anyone in your family or if any of your friends intends to enter the contest, please have them pay for their own entrance. The entrance fee is just for the photographer.

To find out more about the contest read our RULES and fill out the ENTRY FORM.

* If you didn’t find the answer to your question here, please send an e-mail to Outreach and Volunteer Manager at: eperez@centerhearingandspeech.org  and we’ll be happy to get you the information you need.